The Photo Book

Making a photo book seems like a lost tradition. Nowadays, with all the technology in the palm of our hands, it’s not that relevant… Friends and families used to print their favorite moments and they made sure the albums were filled up with unique memories. We decided we would create one holiday album for each of our trip.

It gives you the opportunity to write more about a particular photo, re order them and share a nice afternoon all together. We made this album for my son and daughters with the same love I looked at mine at their age. Enjoy our trip to Greece, with love!

Filmed by Seb Montaz-Rosset. Edited by Davina Beyloos.

That's how winning is done!

We all love to train, some of us just more than others! We woke up on that day early April under heavy snow falls. I instantly rang my friend Ben who is preparing for swim & Run world championship asking him get the best of the conditions out there. It was a way for us to support his passion and help him finding sponsors.

Swimmer: Ben Colchen. Text from Rocky film 2006.

Filmed by Seb Montaz-Rosset. Edited by Davina Beyloos.